Book-To-Screen Pitchfest Las Vegas March 2012

How: by the grace of God

When: March 2012

Where: Las Vegas Nevada USA

Why: Book-To-Screen Pitchfest 2012

Who: Me, of course … Carolyn June Pollack

Book: Sealed With A Kiss.

Writing my novels has always given me a great sense of satisfaction. To see them in print has been a real buzz, but I think that was surpassed when I was invited to be one of the authors to take part in the March 2012 Pitchfest which was held in Las Vegas Nevada at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Pitchfest was organised by a company called Author Solutions.

How can I explain Pitchfest? OMG!!! It was awesome. Can you imagine going to a place like Las Vegas on your first ever trip overseas …. EVER!!!

Okay … the only way I know how to describe Pitchfest is like this. Pitchfest is where movie producers come and listen while you try to convince them that your novel is the one they should choose to make into a movie.

Trafford asked me to go and luckily I had the finances at the time to take them up on their offer. There were 150 self published authors, mostly from America, but a few of us were from outside the USA. I think there were other authors from Australia as well although I didn’t get to meet them. Not all of the authors were from Trafford either, but from various self publishing firms.

The room was set up like a speed dating thing with two producers from various movie companies sitting at a table ready to hear your pitch as to why they should pick you and your story. You had two minutes to to deliver your pitch before a bell rang and you had to move on to the next table and do it all over again. We pitched our books to seven different tables. Some producers were interested and asked a lot of questions and took notes while others, you could see weren’t at all interested in what you had to offer them. It was the most frightening experience of my life, but at the same time it was one of the most exciting and certainly one I will never forget.

One author was chosen on the day. Six other successful authors had to wait six or seven weeks to know if they were successful. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones, but it still remains unchallenged as being my greatest adventure of all time.

The event was held over three days. The first night there was a cocktail party where we were able to introduce ourselves to each other. The second day we were coached in the best way to deliver our pitch to our best advantage. I think I was in Keith’s group, and the third day … well, that was delivery day. We were broken up into three groups of fifty per group and once you sat at your first table you were too busy trying to convince the two people in front of you that  everything else including nerves was left behind. I think I was more nervous delivering my practice pitch to my peers during our sessions on day two. I gave it my best shot. I will never regret going to this event.

The only downside was that I was there by myself and so was somewhat lonely. It would have been good to have someone close to share the experience with. I stayed at the MGM Grand in the West Wing for ten days and was able to do some sight seeing. I saw the Grand Canyon; the Hoover Dam; Area 51; Los Angeles.I saw places I have only seen at the movies and was totally awestruck. I walked everywhere when I was in Las Vegas because I wanted to see as much as I could. The casinos have to be seen to be believed. I got to see some of the shows. I played the pokies once just so I could say I did.

I met some of the other authors who attended Pitchfest and have kept in touch with two of them. Shirley Faunce is the author of “Suffer the Little Ones” – its a great read :-); and Sandra J. Scott is the author of “Broken Promises, Hidden Love” – another good read.

Anyway, that is the shortened version of my trip to America to attend Pitchfest. Hopefully, you will get the chance to attend one as well. I strongly urge to to go if you are ever asked. I think they are held every six months in different locations across America. I have been asked to attend others since, but haven’t been able to.



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