A Date With Destiny

A Date with Destiny was my second novel to be published through Trafford. Unlike “Sealed with a Kiss” and “Vendetta of Love” this one has not had any professional reviews, but it is worthy of reading just the same. My finances were not in a good spot when this one was published.

Like the other two it is set in Rockhampton and it is a romance story.

I’ll put in the blurb from the back page to give you an idea as to what the story is about. Okay, here goes….

Was this move to Rockhampton on the Central Queensland coast a new beginning, or had Tarmin Blain fled halfway around the world to Australia wanting to escape the ravages of a disastrous love affair only to fall immediately into the arms of Zachery Coghlan – her new boss, a man who was renowned for his love ’em and leave ’em attitude? Well, this was one female who wasn’t going to fall prey to his charms, but the biggest problem she had seemed to be in convincing herself of that one small fact.

Zac’s kisses sent Tarmin into a frenzy where touching was never enough; with Zac she always wanted more, but was love high on his agenda or was she just another link in his growing chain of lovers ….


Well, there it is. A Date with Destiny can be purchased through my publisher at http://www.trafford.com

Romance, travel, humour

A Date with Destiny is set in Rockhampton and tells the tale of Tarmin Blain. It is a good read and worthy of a reader’s time.



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