Getting the hang of this … finally

After a week of frustration and a lot of hair pulling I think I’m a step closer to knowing what to do. I’ve added new pages to my site in the hope that you might like to read about one of my biggest adventures. Has anyone been to a Pitchfest event. Yes … No … well, either way have a look at my experience.I’d love to hear about the how; when; where; why and of course who.Image


You will love reading my novels if you love romance :-)

I have always thought of my books as “feel good” books and I’ve been told this on many occasions. One reader told me that she has read “Sealed with a Kiss” so many times that she practically knows it off by heart.

As the author I couldn’t ask for higher praise that that.


Bookworms Welcome Here

A D W DHello Everyone. My name is Carolyn.

It is my hope that this site will interest or intrigue you all enough that you will want to investigate a little further and possibly read the novels I have written.

I have published 3 novels to date. The latest one, Vendetta of Love is now on sale. This is a postcard depicting the characters of Dean and Mackenzie.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as to my progress.